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Gardner and the Gang©is a children's clothing  line by  Kristin Nystrom, a Swede living in Singapore. All garments are super soft,comfy and play friendly with a high dose of fashion.

Kristin draws all prints and makes characters that all have a story to tell. We love to come up with different themes for each range, ones that children and parents alike can relate to and fall in love with. Our original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed on organic cotton.


- I am taking inspiration from my experiences from living and traveling all over the world and want to normalize all people, animals and cultures to our children. We all live together in this world and we should all be friends... Really... ~Kristin

It all started in 2012 

 Helmut and Friends 2012

It all started with the Love Skull and his friend Helmut ( The Flamingo with a helmet) I drew The Love skull because I have always had a love for skulls, the right type of skulls... To me they do not represent any negativity, but a cool way of figuring our human existence. The Love skull is drawn in

approachable colours and with love hearts in their eyes. The Love Skull is Gardner and the gangs logo. His Friend Helmut is a flamingo with a crazy Helmet and dark sunnies. ( We are not even sure how he would look without them.) These two "dudes" go on a adventure together in 2012


 Back to the Orient 2013

In the beginning of 2013 I wanted to draw something from my years in the Middle East and Pakistan. I have so many great memories from that time and wanted little kids to get inspired by some cool characters from that part of the world. The Head character here was "Urban" the Turban loving guy with a mustache. We presented him as a true Citizen of the world, a friendly soul with a warm heart. Urban, has a friend called Conrad the Camel who's biggest dream is to become a DJ.


 Best Friends forever 2013

For fall 2013 I drew only two characters and made a very small collection in order to get my ducks in a row. Previously I had sold all items "in season" And the upcoming ss 2014 was the first collection for us to attend the trade shows and "get with the program" in the fashion world. So, for aw 2013 I created two friends. Tobias the Loco Toucan bird with a mind of his own and the Lion called Leo ( of course) who is a gym junkie always up to no good.


 Get Punk'd 2014

In the beginning of 2014 we all got to know Johhny the punk loving bull dog and his friend Patrick the punk rocker. They have strong influences from the Punk culture and gives a big touch of attitude to any outfit. This year we really started to get noticed for the designs and to find fashionista Harper Beckham wearing this collection really made my heart jump.


 The Hippies 2014

For fall 2014 I have drawn a pastelly friendly and happy collection. The characters we meet this season are Hilda the Hippie hippo that always wears her peace swim pants but sadly never goes into the water ( she don't know how to swim yet...) Richie the Racoon, her best friend that is seriously contemplating a career as a swimming instructor. He just needs to go to a music festival first. Him and Hilda travel around in Folka the bus and by this collection we really want to send out Peace love and understanding into our world.


 ss 2015... Magic and rock and roll

Meet Patsy the MAGICIAN ZEBRA. And Geene the Kiss loving sausage dog. Geene actuallly used to be called Helmut... Patsy put a spell on Helmut and now he is a dog that loves Kiss ( the band) ;)


  aw 2015 A tribute to the tropics

Once upon a time in the polar countries. Steve, a snow leopard with crazy snow board skills got sick of the cold. He convinced Edina, his polar bear friend with a soft spot for ice berg diving, that they really needed an adventure. The two friends ventured out to the tropics. They where completely overwhelmed not only by the heat but also by the friendliness by creatures not like them. They actually became best friends with Wayne the uber cool shark.

Together the three friends had so much fun throughout the winter.


Pete is a pony who loves scuba diving. In fact, it is all he ever talks about. Some might think that this pony is a little bit different. Pete does not care about that, he loves scuba and proudly stands up for it. He is always himself. Gertrude is a very cool giraffe with a looooooong neck. She proves that standing out from the crowd is not a negative. She carries her height with confidence and grace and is the kindest Giraffe you ever did see. Pete and Gertrude play on the beach in the land of no difference every day.

//This is the story of unlikely friendships being formed, about being

openminded, stand out from the background and about accepting each other for who we are. Bring on ss 2016 with bold graphics, a cool Pony and the nicest Giraffe on earth.

GGLOVES JK The Lion's Heart

In Late 2015 a collaboration with Jaime King started to take shape.

The Lion's Heart is a collection about being openminded and a good friend.

All of this starts in having a strong heart and to believe in yourself.





 Please follow us on our exciting journey and be a part of THE GANG.

 Interested to know more? Please contact:

Gardner and the Gang
+65 92959134 

Singapore registered company

Reg no 53160841K Mrs K

All rights reserved.







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