Stefania Brunetti


The fun and bright account belonging to Sweetheart Valentina and her family was something that immediately caught our eyes. The fun way of portraying kids fashion is right up our alley...


We Love @valentina_and_the_gang


You  and your kiddos are a huge inspiration to many parents in the social media world of instagram. How did you start your account and what is it that made it so successful?

Our Instagram account was originally just an account for our family and friends who live far away, to follow us and keep in touch and see photos of the kids. I have always loved all fashion especially children’s and when my son was 3 I was struggling to find clothes that were cool in stores so I searched online and came across Hipkin Kids... I fell in love instantly. They had the style I was looking for and the quality of the products was superb. Fast forward to 2018, my youngest daughter Valentina (2.5 at the time) became really fun to photograph as she has a big personality... a few friends suggested we enter the brand rep competition for Heylittle Store... and we did and won! The rest is history. We have grown our account organically and reached 4K followers in 6 months. It’s taken a lot of work and I’ve really had to improve my photography skills but it’s been so much fun! 


In a fast paced world ruled by social media how do you wind down on the weekends and what do you do "behind the scenes in real life" ?

The weekends for our family of 6 is time for watching movies together, going out for dinner and catching up with friends. Our kids like to hang out with us and we are all homebodies. 

Was there anything in particular with Gardner and the gang that caught your eye when you first discovered it? And if so, what was that?

The first GATG pieces I saw and purchased were from Hipkin kids. I just loved the sweater dresses for Valentina and once again I was looking for fun and funky clothing which are good quality and long lasting. I’m also obsessed with your bathers, the prints are so fun and and the style fits perfectly.👌🏻 

Anything insanely cool you would like to share with the gang?  

I would have to say that the 3 instagram accounts that  I stumbled across whilst working out the “Instagram” world and fell in love with are @hausofboys @cooldudesnz @accordingtoe These ladies have taught me so much and are my true inspiration behind my pics and are masters at what they do. 

Follow Stefania Brunetti on instagram @valentina_and_thegang



I just discovered her account and I’m such a fan!!

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