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My dear friend Sahar Wahbeh is an amazing lady, she started her brand Dumye with her beautiful daughter as her muse. All the dolls has a name and a personality and lots of meaning to it. What I find most incredible with the idea of Dumye is the fact that for every doll sold, one orphan gets a doll.

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Learn more about Dumye and Sahar below.

Dumye is such a beautiful brand and your story with the dolls with a purpose is such a beautiful one. Can you tells us how it all started?

 It was the holidays and I wanted to gift my daughter a really special doll – you know that one toy that would become symbolic of her childhood. (No pressure) Nothing I found captured my heart. I wanted the doll to be stylish, look a little like her, safe for her to mouth and easy to wash afterwards. After a trip to NYC’s garment district I dusted off my mom's vintage sewing machine, made a work space out of an old ping pong table and got to it. And I guess I just never stopped.

Dumyé has gone on to become a living lesson to my children. A way for me to share with them what I most wanted them to know: marry your passions with your life's work, find the courage to fulfill your potential, respect Mother Nature, show compassion for your fellow man and understand that the real gift in life is in the giving.

My hope is that in some small way Dumyé shares those values with all the children who call our dolls their own and together we can leave this world to the next generation, better than we found it. 

 In a fast paced world ruled by social media how do you wind down on the weekends and what do you do "behind the scenes in real life" ?

I try to keep weekends as unscheduled as possible. It’s low key family time – slow mornings preparing breakfast together (vegan pancakes are a fave), relaxing by the beach, leisurely lunches, popping into the movie theatre, snuggling stray puppies up for adoption at our local pet shop, that sort of stuff.

My daughter also created a tradition called ‘Fun Fridays’ (My Friday is your Saturday). She is up before anyone else in the house,  coming up with a craft activity for us to do together, arranges the supplies neatly at each of our places on the dining room table and patiently waits for us all to wake up and join ‘her class’. She is amazing.

 Was there anything in particular with Gardner and the gang that caught your eye when you first discovered it? And if so, what was that? 

I first discovered GG on Instagram and was attracted to how fun and vibrant the brand was. Then I met you at Playtime NY a few years ago and it felt like we had known each other forever. Over time I have seen the amazing quality of the clothes, appreciate the use of organic fabrics and love that there is always a positive concept behind your collections. My kids are GG evangelists! I think its because the clothing is so easy to wear, the fabrics are soft and the colors/styles really allow them to show off their personality.

Anything insanely cool you would like to share with the gang?  

I recently visited the Sharjah Art Foundation Rain Room and it was almost spiritual. Essentially you enter this large space and in the center of the room rain is falling. As you move through it the rain parts, leaving you dry. It’s beautiful and SUPER cool. Highly recommend it.

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