Miriam Abadi

Miriam Adadi the Dubai based influencer who worked in marketing and accidentally slipped in to the "influencer market". Mother of two boys, on her inspiring instagram we can follow her family, work and social life.

You are one of the strongest influencers in Dubai, how did your journey start? 
Oh wow that is a big title. Not sure if that is true, but it has started when Harpers Bazaar selected me as best dressed in 2016. At that time I had a full time /full on marketing career in FMCG. Sometimes I used to work 14 hours a day, but dressing up in the morning always made me feel better about myself. Like many of us, we dress according to our mood, and fashion in many times, helped me to express myself without speaking, When I felt I wanted to conquer the world I dressed up like the devil wears prada, when we had creative sessions with the agency I used to dress up super trendy.... It was all a way of life really before the whole social media world started. After I got selected as best dressed, a dear friend suggested me to open my page, and taking it more seriously . At that time social media really started having its weight, especially when it came to building of brands, so I said to myself, Why not! Lets explore this... and here I am today
What inspires you in your every day life?
There are sooooo many things that inspire me everyday. I really try to take note of everything around me and process it. What inspires me always, is when successful people are kind and you can actually learn from their journey . For example today I had the pleasure to meet Eduardo who is the create director of Aquazzura who is an amazing person
 How did you first come a cross Gardner and the gang?
I came across this super cute brand when I met the founder during a cover shoot for Harpers Bazaar junior. Such lovely and cool creations.

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