Liv Tyler

 Liv Tyler, An icon in Fashion and a huge inspiration to me as a designer. 

With her amazing style and as a mother of 3 she is the perfect fit to start our blog.

We are so thrilled to present to you Liv Tyler and her thoughts on kids fashion and Gardner and the gang.


Bolt leggings



Do you remember how you first saw Gardner and the gang and what made you like it?

I first heard about it from my friend Zanna Rassi. She grew up with David (my fiancé) in Manchester and is one of our best friends. She has a twin girls who are always dressed in the coolest clothes ever!! She gave us a gift of Gardner and the gang for our babies Sailor and Lula because their last name is Gardner and the clothes are soooo cool and great. We were so happy! Love the name and adore the clothes.


Wayne Hang out pants

What do you think is important with fashion for kids?

You know all the little ones are so different. They each have such unique personalities and styles. its so fun to experiment and play with clothes with what works for each kid. Sailor will wear pretty much anything I dress him in but little Lula (2 years) know exactly what she wants to wear. I love good quality fabrics against their precious skin.






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