Linda Dekkers-Live loud girl

Linda Dekkers- AKA Live Loud Girl is a personal friend of mine.

We "met" over the infamous app that we all know as Instagram where I was moving to the same city and bluntly asked her if she wanted to be my friend. ;)  Luckliy Linda said yes and 3 years down the line I am so pleased to see Lindas thriving business ( es) with a new project coming up ( check out @fronteriors ) 

It is so lovely to have a like minded friend that challenges, you, that helps you improve in business and as a friend you can chat about all and nothing with. 


Please go get inspired by this live LOUD dutch girl @liveloudgirl


Three questions for LINDA:

 I know your story started as a thought that then grew into an amazingly successful interior and creative business, What do you think is the recipe to your success?

It all begins with taking that first step. I had a vision and a love for beautiful interiors and started sharing my insipiration on a blog. Back then I had no idea how that worked not that it would lead to where I am today. Having your own business is hard work though,  lets not pretend its not, you are always "on" yet if you do what you love, you love what you do. Yet so worth it!

 In a fast paced world ruled by social media how do you wind down on the weekends and what do you do "behind the scenes in real life"?

The beach is my happy place. I really relax when I´m there on a Friday morning with coffee, an umbrella, watching the kids swim and surf. Our weekends are often spent at home just lazing around and being together. I will be the last one to say though that totally shutting down is relaxing for me. So yes I will be flicking around through magazines and looking for inspiration and headspace.

What first made you like Gardner and the gang?

I was following Kristin on Instagramas I loved her vibe and her home. We met after she moved to Dubai with her family and now I can call this crazy entusiastic lady one of my friends. In term of the brand... What´s not to like? It is original, fun and comfortable. Perfect for kids and adults. Kristin is so creative and has a passion for designing something out of the ordinary, something we can all learn from.

 Something insanely cool you would like to share with the gang?

Where do I start?! One of my favorite places to go for a bite in the weekends is the Surf house, the singel fin cafe. A perfect combo of good food and weekend vibes. A very favorite holiday destination is Sri Lanka. It is surprisingly a very inspirational place for me when it comes to interior styling. An instagram account I always check is The fashion Guitar. And I'm very into sweet potato brownies lately...

Any last words?

Live loud- why not?















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