Kat le Brasse

 Please let us introduce to you Kat Le Brasse...

If I would describe her in three words I would say Stylish, Super friendly ( the kind of girl that picks up on who at the party that has no one to talk to and brings her in the group  ( xx) and a devoted mother of two. We love to follow Kat and her Middle Eastern Endeavours. 

You and your kids are a huge inspiration to many parents in the Middle east.  How did you start your business and what is it that made it so successful?

My business is in 2 parts nowadays. Initially, I started my blog, not so much as a business, but more of a personal creative outlet. Over time, as Lebrasse.com gained momentum, I grew to understand that tis outlet could actually become a buisness. Once I realised that, I worked hard to gain respect and credibility in an industry that can often be really quite fickle. I made it my personal goal to stay true to myself and not get too caught up in the commercial side of things. And ultimately, I´ve always believed in being genuine in everything that I do.

The second part to my business actually came about as a result of the relationships i had built through Lebrasse.com. As of January 2019, I became a partner in social media influencer marketing agency named Sunday.

In a fast paced world ruled by social media how do you wind down on the weekends and what do you do "behind the scenes in real life"?

My favorite thing to do on the weekends is hit the beach with my family and friends. We´re lucky in Dubai to have a plethora of amazing beach clubs at our fingertips, (many of which have kids clubs!) so it´s a great way to be together as a family and all get what we need out of the day as well.
You´ll find on the weekend that I actually post to social media a lot less than usual. I really try to be present as much as possible with my kids as I don´t get to see them as much as I´d like during the weekdays. Even if I am posting, I normally sane any images or videos I´ve taken throughout the day and post once kids are in bed.

Was there anything in particular with Gardner and the gang that caught your eye when you first discovered it? And if so, what was that?

The first thing that caught my eye with Gardner and the gang was the way that Kristin photographs kids in it. I´m obsessed with how high fashion she styles them up and how incredibly vibrant the photos are. i love the use of color and humor with Gardner and the gang. The collections always feel fun, creative and above all super wearable and practical for our little ones.

Anything insanely cool you would like to share with the gang?

As far as Instagram accounts go, there are literally thousands of accounts that are inspirational and fun to follow, but when it comes to kids, i´m all about @coco_pinkkprincess- she is the most quirkily, stylish child I have ever seen. And my fave online family is Innika Choo and her kids in Bali @innika. She basically has me in stitches every post.


Follow Kat on Instagram @katlebrasse


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