Jacqueline Smith- Cool_dudes_nz

 Mom of three Jacqueline Smith tells us how she started her instagram account 

cool_dudes_nz. We admire the always inspiring outfits they come up with and the fun visuals that really brighten up our instagram feed. 

We Love @cool_dudes_nz

 What inspired you to start your cool Instagram account?

Firstly thank you so much for the compliment! I started the account back in 2014 as a record of the boys growing up and also the love for kids fashion and it has grown from there.


How do you get your kids to look so cool and relaxed in your pictures, as we all know kids doesn´t always like to cooperate. Any advise?

Best advise is to make it fun let the kids express themselves and don´t take too many pics, kids get bored quickly we only do photos3/ days per week.


What first made you like Gardner and the gang?

We love Gardner and the gang, we are all about expressing yourself, no boundaries, kids can wear what they like, gender free, mix and match colours, patterns and prints. Gardner and the gang are all about this too so it’s a perfect match for us.


Something insanely cool you want to share with the gang?

We think Gardner and the gang is insanely cool


Favourite quote, You only live once, do what makes you happy, be yourself

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