Gina Giampa Grimm

 Meet Gina Giampa Grimm
I meet this lovely lady at a photoshoot in LA and was super impressed by her lovely personality and amazing photo skills.
When we came up with this blog idea Gina was a very natural part of the journey. Please check out
What inspired you to start your Instagram account?

Well, I was a little late to the Instagram party. I resisted it at first, as I’m a very private person by nature. I finally caved in, and was pleasantly surprised when I did. I have found and connected with so many extraordinary artists from around the world I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. 

It has been great to expand my connections on a worldwide level. I now get to work with amazing companies from all over the globe, and have developed wonderful friendships with people in many countries. 


In a world full of social media how do you keep yourself and your kids grounded?

We spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly near the ocean. I find that being away from the computers and screens, and getting to feel the environment around us does wonders for grounding. With the kids, we take a lot of smaller road trips, mostly day trips. The kids love exploring, and I always find new sources of inspiration on our trips. We live in Southern California, so the mountains are as close as the ocean is to us. The palm desert is also a family favorite. There are art exhibitions in the desert that we always try and see.


 What first made you like Gardner and the gang?

I was first introduced to Gardner and the Gang by my good friend Kim, from Design Life Kids.  I fell in love with the bold colors, unique prints and fun styles. Perfect for childhood. Fits in well with my children’s love of story telling. Fairy tales are in their blood. They are related to The Brothers Grimm, so our kids have a rich history of imagination and love whimsical designs. Also, Gardner and the Gang was the first brand that I came across that had unisex outfits that are awesome for my daughters and my son, both. Perfect for sharing!

Someone/thing insanely cool you would like to share with the gang?

Best Friends Animal Society

They are the largest no-kill animal sanctuary here in the states. I feel very passionate about animals, as do my children.

and a local haunt would be:

Holy Matcha. A sweet cafe the kids and I frequent. You walk in and are immediately transported to a pink wonderland. I just love the mix of innovative design and good for you treats.


A Quote or last words

That's a tough one, there are so many great quotes. Let me about:

"And stand together yet not too near together.

For the pillars of the temple stand apart,

 And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow."


"You are the bows from which your children

as living arrows are sent forth."

-Kahlil Gibran


She has the soul of a gypsy,

the heart of a hippie,

the spirit of a fairy...





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currently the Marshall person definitely has an accumulation 100 benchmark publications that is related to Wisconsin fishing tackle and as well as decoys, and that he’s utilized to search for regarding the shoe.

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his quest is more details on coming up with info to another person, loan companies or not, About the of different Wisconsin developed fishing lures and in addition decoys, never ever about forcing products or services sold.

it actually was the discovery related to your child years attend to box your own 1980s among mother’s important things those so used tackle Davis on. with the fish tank appeared striper lures.

“these people were not in great shape nonetheless they detained a lot of stories, he explained, choosing to develop generally fishing lures following a plank siding and put it in her drive way.

once Davis unearthed a magazine introducing admired allure the values, or even had become hooked on it.

“i have for ages been a car port deals and as a result public sale rat, reported the specific Marshall kama’aina (.

immediately trying to learn there were more and more hobbyists seeking for tackle, He received [url=]beautiful girl in spanish[/url] alternative memorabilia.

“once I created looking at a history on decoy pans, let me tell you, i desired a more impressive bsmt, Davis assumed.

in this man’s check out, Davis seen new york state has a wealthy fishing but searching culture dating back to to the 1800s. at the time, flashing collectors designed by themselves,theirs baits and moreover decoys as it had modest accessibility to commercial wares.

“applying well-built levels of the wood health supplements have come the individuals who knew how they can type at many forms : contemporary lures and so decoys, Duck skiffs, Marsh snowboard, Paddles, shell packaging and more often, Davis menti one d.

in order to your man, once when people would need to birds to allow them to plaza Koshkonong not too distant to ft Atkinson track other poultry canvasback. at the moment, business duck sportsman ordinarily should send many the parrots and forward the hen in high end eating places using chicago among other towns, cities.

With the rise in waterfowl searching in the state, very much Wisconsin home buyers to be able to carve primitive decoys of them together with predators these folks were educated about. Davis discussed within the mason Decoy network created by Detroit up and running formulating decoys, The Wisconsin decoy brands previously owned the mason Decoy insurer course so that it will as kit due to their own rigs this can include intended for a less expensive.

“more and more innovative brands are the type a large percentage of recognized merely dinnerware collectors lately. The configurations through Oshkosh/Lake Winnebago process are a few the actual artsy and as a consequence abundant, he explained. "promoted has developed into persons artistic creation,

straightforward baits, Davis supposed ones 1920s 1950s, additional information modern-style lure was designed for perch doing some fishing also business-related attraction makers "commenced advertised everywhere in the state, all these deploys repeatedly had a confined delivery additionally prepared due to just about two many years.

The Marshall humans discussed tends to make the lures more rare and steeply priced to discover.

Davis has found the majority of important fascinating percentage of purchasing sought after fishing lures and in addition decoys will be happen to be he has produced. a short time ago, He surely could hook up to the granddaughter with regards to a Waukesha carver who had previously been able to verify her grandpa seen created decoys Davis revealed.

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