Deborah Sfez

Deborah Sfez, is one of the coolest stylist we know,  she is showing her amazing work on her instagram and we love to be inspired.

According to us you are one of the absolutely best stylist in the world, what inspires you?

Thanks so much for your lovely words, that’s so nice to read. I’m very lucky as I get to travel a lot for work but also on weekends & holidays.  I just can’t get enough of exploring the world and get figidy if my next trip isn’t planned. I source inspiration in many things: people, food, books, landscapes, magazines, smells, music…  I am very curious. 

Working in your field where its all looks very glamorous, how do you stay grounded?

I have always found the kids fashion industry different from the fashion industry in general. Being around kids is so much fun that you don’t get sidetracked by the glamorous side of this field. When I arrive on set, I always make sure to get to know the kids before we start the shooting and spend the day with them as a normal day. I just want to make sure they have fun! 

How did you first here about Gardner and the gang?

I met Gardner and the Gang at Playtime Paris a few years ago. I remember discovering their inspiring collection, with vibrant colors and unique prints, it stood out from all the rest and became my crush of the season! 

Last words, your favorite quote or words to live by.

Things happen for a reason, if it’s meant to be, it will be. 

Something insanely cool you want to share with the gang

A must-read :  the Road Less Traveled from M Scott Peck

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